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Spikey balls props

Spikey balls- AKA Massage balls, are a great Pilates prop but very often underused and misunderstood! They can be a great addition to your workout for adding extra challenge, increasing your body awareness, or releasing tight muscles. Let’s discuss these points further:

Pilates props

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Video: Pilates Flow

After the success of my Retreat Day a few weekends ago, I was so motivated at the end of the day I stayed back to film a few short videos. This turned in to 5 short videos just for you! So here is the first one- a 4 Minute Pilates Flow. Yes, it’s very short, but treat it like you would sets at the gym. Complete one full set and then repeat the video twice, or even three times! Or if you are really short of time you will still benefit from squeezing in one set!

Pilates 4min flow

Wearing: Onzie pants from Yoga Rebel and Nike Pro Classic Bra from Nike.

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Confessions: Retreat day thoughts

Before my first Retreat event last October, it wasn’t something I had ever really considered doing. More and more people were asking for more from their Pilates practises, but I just didn’t have the regular time to add to the weekly schedule.

Retreat day thoughts


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