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Pilates for a good sweat (FREE VIDEO!)

For anyone needing a good strong workout this week I have filmed “Pilates for a good sweat”. Let’s face it, everyone likes to feel like they have worked hard, and you don’t need to workout for long to work hard!

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Pilates Mat- What to look for


Pilates mats- There is SO much choice out there but getting the right mat can really change your practise. This Manduka prolite mat, Indulge mat is my favourite, so much so that I now have TWO!

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Pilates poses for a healthy spine

A healthy spine is a healthy body, in my opinion! This post comes to you from Sheffield! I’m down South for a few days for a sports event and after travelling by train for a whole day, and then spending a full day in an ice rink, I’m definitely going to need these stretches!

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How To Improve Your Posture with Pilates

Posture exercises


This is always a touchy subject for people! Although we all try for good posture, the body can often take over and revert to those comfy, slouchy, easy positions, you know what I mean! But saying “I just have bad posture” is not the answer! It can always be improved and has a bigger effect on your life and hobbies than you may think.

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