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15 minutes Pilates with cardio workout!


Every now and again I run themed Pilates classes. Their great to keep you on your toes with fresh ideas, and stop your members getting fed up of the same old routine! This week I ran Pilates with Cardio, which was a shock to a few as cardio never really comes in to a mat based pilates workout.

15 minutes pilates with cardio

Adding bursts of cardio not only keeps the workout varied but it raises your heart rate and challenges the heart and lungs beyond the normal session. Even the matwork exercises become a little more challenging as you catch your breath and recover in between.

This video is a little summary of the class. It includes 3 mat based pilates routines with a different but related cardio burst after each one. It’s great for those familiar with pilates who want to work that bit harder! Click on the image to get started!

Give it a go and let me know how you got on!


3 thoughts on “15 minutes Pilates with cardio workout!

  1. Mixing the Pilates and Cardio is definitely a fresh way to get the heart racing. Well worth a share

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