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15 minute strong core pilates flow video

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15min strong core front cover

Here is the latest pilates workout video from Freshly Centered.

It’s been far too long since I updated this blog, and even longer since I posted a workout video! But this has also been about the same length of time since I’ve managed to workout properly since my surgery in December. It’s been a much longer struggle than I expected- however I won’t dwell on it any longer and to celebrate finally getting back to some kind of fitness (my first weights session yesterday, and a few runs in) here is the first Freshly Centered video of the year!

This workout focuses on really isolating the core muscles. We start gentle and build and build and build…. It get’s intense! It’s only 15 minutes long but if you stick with it you’ll feel the burn immediately!

Hope you enjoy and as always let me know what you think!

One thought on “15 minute strong core pilates flow video

  1. I would consider myself fairly active. I aim to do at least one class a day, classes that include toning, cardio, weight training. But as soon as you chuck a pilates move in there – I’m screwed!! Proves just how skillful it is! x

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