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How to relax and de-stress! (Pilates workout!)

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If you’re feeling a bit stressed, anxious, or just need to relax a little more then this pilates stretching routine is what you need!  Continue reading

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Pilates for Sport (free workout!)

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This 15 minute workout has been designed for those who do sports (any sports!) or for those who are looking to build whole body strength and are looking for some extra, specific strengthening exercises. Try the Pilates for Sport workout here! Continue reading


15 minute Full Body Feel Good Pilates

I hope you’ve had a great Easter weekend! Mine has been so lovely and relaxing with not much plans! Here is a 15 minute Full Body Feel good Pilates workout to round the weekend off!

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15 minute pilates with stretching workout!


Hello! I’m trying to be a little more regular with your pilates workout videos so here is the latest one! I hope you’re enjoying them, and using them?! I’d love to hear from you if you are! So the latest one here is suitable for all levels of fitness, and we try to incorporate some stretching exercises along with strengthening at the same time.

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15 minutes Pilates with cardio workout!

Every now and again I run themed Pilates classes. Their great to keep you on your toes with fresh ideas, and stop your members getting fed up of the same old routine! This week I ran Pilates with Cardio, which was a shock to a few as cardio never really comes in to a mat based pilates workout.

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15 minute glutes/legs workout!


Happy Sunday everyone! For all my people who HATE glutes time! This is a great, short workout to really isolate this area further and get strong, toned glutes! We also bring in upper body control and of course core work! Glutes exercises are often always challenging because we don’t isolate them fully in normal workouts, but use them along with our other leg muscles. The pilates exercises truly get to the point and will ensure strength fast! Play the workout here.

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10 minute Intense Core Pilates workout (AND some exciting news!)

10 Minute Intense Core Pilates Workout! (AND some exciting news!)


I took the great opportunity last weekend to take my Pilates workout outside! The sun was so lovely (finally, right?!) it was the perfect setting to complete my morning workout. Hitting two birds with one stone I also filmed my core abs section for you to try at home! Play the video HERE.

This video was also filmed in association with My Mantra Active. An exciting yoga/workout clothing range (check out my gorgeous leggings above) that also promote eco friendly vibes at affordable prices! What’s even better is that they are local to us here in the UK so shipping is easy! Get 10% off your order using “TheseAreMine” code at the checkout. They currently have a HUGE 30% discount sale on right now though!

Over the past month I have been lucky enough to secure a new deal with them and will be working with them on a regular basis to share Pilates with their blog followers and influence some pilates on their yoginis! Bringing the perfect collection of yoga and pilates together- just what Freshly Centered is all about!

Enjoy the videolet me know what you think of it by commenting here, on YouTube or on Facebook, and have a look at My Mantra Active!

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Pilates for relaxation- A 20 minute workout

IMG_0017Pilates for relaxation

This weekend I hosted my THIRD Pilates Retreat Day. This is a whole day dedicated to you. To relaxation. To pilates and exercise. To socialising. To tea breaks. I first came up with the idea when I was getting super stressed out and just wished I could head off for a day or so completely to myself to free the stress and do the things I love- pilates, exercise, swim, read books, and drink tea. I figured I wasn’t alone in this thinking and thus the creation of Freshly Centered Retreat Days!

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