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Stretching- What’s it all about?

A topic that everyone who works out discusses at some point! Stretching is a fundamental part of any exercise routine, any injury prevention programme and for anyone who wants to take care of their body.

Muscles are contractile tissues, which means they are designed to contract and tighten in order to allow your body to function, however, if they are not provided with stretching techniques to counteract this the tissues remain with a degree of tightness. Over time this can become greater and greater.

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Questions Answered! By a Pilates Teacher

Your questions answered!

I receive many questions about general Pilates, the exercises, and general fitness queries when I am teaching and just as many via email! So I’ve decided to create a theme to answer your questions on a regular basis! Not found your answer here? Ask away and I will give you the answer in the next post!

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