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15 minute pilates with stretching workout!


Hello! I’m trying to be a little more regular with your pilates workout videos so here is the latest one! I hope you’re enjoying them, and using them?! I’d love to hear from you if you are! So the latest one here is suitable for all levels of fitness, and we try to incorporate some stretching exercises along with strengthening at the same time.

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5 poses to stretch and relax

After a whirlwind of an amazing trip to Singapore I need to try and keep the relaxed, calm vibes that I felt whilst being away! It’s so easy to just “forget” your holidays as soon as you return home and slip right back to the normal routine of daily life. Here I provide 5 poses to relax your body, give a good stretch and maintain strength. They were shot on location in Singapore just after a thunderstorm and the peace and calmness felt was fantastic!

5 poses to stretch and relax

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Hamstring stretching

Everybody hates them. Everybody feels theirs could be more flexible. Everybody is probably right unfortunately! The hamstring muscles are notorious for being tight, because of their location crossing both the hip and knee joints.

In order to fully stretch them you must have the hip and knee fully extended, and hold your stretch! This is a rare position to be in day-to-day and almost all sports and activities involve flexing these joints, so the hamstrings rarely experience full stretch.

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