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The 12 days of Pilates!

The festive season is fully upon us now! Life gets busy and we don’t have time to workout or take care of ourselves. Here I have put together your 12 days of Pilates schedule to countdown to Christmas and honour your body by staying strong and fit!


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Feel good stretch workout

More often than not people complain of their muscles and their body feeling too tight, stiff and sore- including me! Unless you spend a great deal of time stretching (and who really has all this spare time?) then this is unlikely to resolve. Most workouts involve you using your muscles, contracting them, and therefore the muscles will tighten and remain slightly tightened if we do not lengthen them afterwards.

Stretching workouts also make us feel good, they stimulate your parasympathetic system- this is the functions opposite to your adrenaline release, so they create calmness, peacefulness, and relaxation. The element of core exercise here allows you to sweat a little and feel energised from strength building. So try this quick workout to enjoy strength and feel relaxed with stretching- the best of both worlds!

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How to stay healthy when travelling!

I’ve not long returned from a great holiday trip to Singapore, where the lifestyle was easy and the culture was generally active. But this isn’t usually the case for the typical holiday and I wanted to share some tips on how to stay healthy and active even whilst you are on vacation! Having been home for a few weeks it’s easy to slip back to sedentary ways but these tips can work in the office, on the go, or at home.

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Hamstring stretching

Everybody hates them. Everybody feels theirs could be more flexible. Everybody is probably right unfortunately! The hamstring muscles are notorious for being tight, because of their location crossing both the hip and knee joints.

In order to fully stretch them you must have the hip and knee fully extended, and hold your stretch! This is a rare position to be in day-to-day and almost all sports and activities involve flexing these joints, so the hamstrings rarely experience full stretch.

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